Yoram Danan

Mr. Danan is a senior IT professional acting either as project manager or systems architect in a consulting environment. His primary strengths are:

• ability to clearly define the trade-offs between business objectives and technological choices and to analyze the impact of technical choices in regards to business, operation, security, reliability and technology constraints;

• mastering both traditional and agile project management methods in large projects, based on his wide and deep technical and general knowledge, and his formal training in both IT and business management;;

• rapid mastering of new technologies and effective leadership over specialists from different domains thanks to his 30+ years experience in managing distributed heterogeneous systems development and operations;

• knowledge of formal methods for aligning Architectures and enterprise objectives;

• integration of technological and software architectures balancing innovation, experimentation and formalism;

• understanding of Enterprise Architecture Integration in the J2EE, Microsoft and Mainframe technologies for internet/extranet applications;

In the infrastructure field, he has worked on operation automation, business continuity, and security issues, and built a datacenter from scratch. In the telecommunications field, his knowledge encompasses network design, operations and management. He has successfully completed several large projects in the areas of planning, optimization, installation, operation, network management and disaster recovery for enterprise networks and network providers using a variety of protocols and technologies (IP, SNA, ATM, Frame-Relay, MPLS, RF, etc.).

In the software development field, he has been very successful at delivering innovative systems on time and on budget using a combination of agile and formal methods. He has developed approaches for leveraging individual creativity into effective teamwork and for managing risk inherent to innovative technology projects.

He has led several audits, projects turn around and process reviews.

Knowledgeable in formal methods for architecture evaluation, software development methods, and infrastructure evaluation, he has proven capable of adapting them to the project context and the team culture; he can bring out the full potential of the teams under his leadership. This has allowed him to deliver several fixed price projects on time and on budget and redress several major projects.

In the distributed data processing field, his experience encompasses planning, specification, design, development and operation of distributed computing systems. He has led several Enterprise Architecture Integration projects allowing improved inter-operation between modern and legacy systems. He is usually involved in leading edge projects where he has successfully introduced new technology and provided the required mentoring to his successors.

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