Project Mentoring

A Productivity Technique by S.C.I.R. ltd


Project Mentoring is a productivity enhancement service developed by S.C.I.R. ltd to assist its customers in improving project productivity.


The purpose of this service is to assist a customer project team in implementing optimal project management and problem resolution techniques in the context of a specific project.


Basic training in project management techniques and methodologies, is not sufficient for good project management performance but lack of experience can be compensated efficiently by project mentoring.

Project Mentoring highlights

The process of project mentoring, consists in having an experienced project manager acting as mentor to the real project manager.

The project mentor has no direct project responsibilities and no hierarchical control over the project team.

The project mentor performs regular project reviews (walkthroughs) and is available for ad-hoc consulting about problem resolution and project methodology.

The project mentor may suggest involving other specialists for specific topics s.a. software testing, software configuration management, conflict resolution, etc..

The project mentor may assist the project manager in requesting higher management involvement when the obstacles to project progress are beyond the authority of the project manager.

This S.C.I.R. ltd service is principally applicable to all system integration projects but can be also applicable to new product/service introduction and any type of project.

The best formula for a given project, in a given customer situation is negotiated on a case by case approach, before any S.C.I.R. ltd involvement, within a flexible contractual framework permitting the customer to cancel the agreement on short notice for reduced risk.

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