Representative Projects

Transat AT, M. Danan implemented the newly established e-commerce infrastructure ( ) as interim IT Manager and Lead Technical Architect.

Hydro-Quebec, enterprise architect, for the IT & Communications strategic plan team, in charge of the Telecommunications dimension. In that project, he highlighted the need to strengthen the processes for implementing security objectives into the operational rules.

Bell Canada, Technical assistant to the "ISN-MS" project manager as specialist in both areas of Network Management and Systems Integration. As such, he has overseen the requirement specification, the architecture and the development process of this very large project which was recognized as an outstanding achievement by FIQ.

IBM, in the Gemini project, Mr. Danan has been the chief architect for the Network Management component in the new joint Air Canada/Canadian Airlines reservation network that included a large number of SNA and non-SNA terminals.

Vidéotron, chief architect in charge of the redesign and selection of products in for the modernization of the core Operation and Management systems for this major communication services provider.

Promutuel, auditor for a major refurbishing of this important insurance corporation, application systems and infrastructure. The audit covered the selected enterprise architecture and the development processes and provided risk analysis and mitigation recommendations to ensure the future success of this multi-million dollar project.

Meloche Monnex, senior Architect in charge of a major capacity upgrade and later, responsible for the introduction of an agile development process for the deployment of systems integrated into the core AS400 and J2EE systems.

Financière Banque Nationale, Architect defining the disaster recovery solution (network and systems) and a session management mechanism across two independent web sites.

Touchlink, ( provider of virtual POS systems), Mr. Danan conducted a project turnover improving the project management process, review the architecture and adapting the development process to the project size, the operating environment of Desjardins (the customer).

Olameter Inc., delivered on budget and on time the development of a SCADA system to remotely control an advanced home automation and e-commerce gateway using avariety of communication protocols.

Equant, (Telecommunications provider), integration architect responsible for establishing a diagnostic on the OSS integration strategy and establishing a frame of reference for the Enterprise architecture process.

Fonorola Inc., Mr. Danan reviewed the global systems portfolio and produced recommendations on how to increase application flexibility in the context of Y2K constraints and the need to maintain rapid evolution in a very competitive business.

Montreal Trust, (major Canadian custodian of shareholders positions), Mr. Danan has established the required Client/Server architecture and infrastructure for the new strategic applications. In particular, he has established secure means of leveraging Desktop productivity tools and back-end transaction systems.

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